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Next Meeting   
Scientific Presentation on
February 8, 2024
Union League of Chicago

On February 8, 2024 we will present our Scientific Presentation.  

Abstracts may be submitted here

The annual Illinois Surgical Conference will be on April 19-20, 2024 in Springfield, IL

 Our Presidential lecture and annual business meeting will be on May 9, 2024.

For the full schedule please click below and subscribe to our calendar.

New Chicago Surgical Society Members

Matthew Dixon, MD
Amy Halverson, MD
Melissa Hornor, MD
Seema Khan, MD
George Kokosis, MD
John Konen, MD
Kinga Olortegui, MD
Anne Stey, MD

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Jonathan Myers

Vice Chair, Clinical Operations

Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Surgery, RUSH Medical College

Annual Membership Dues

Please remember to pay your 2023_2024 dues.
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About the Society


History, Mission & Bylaws

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Monthly Meetings

Pipetting Samples



Previous Meetings with Chicago Surgical Society

Recap of another year of great presentations at Chicago Surgical Society.

The year started in October with our first Bevan lecture of the year:

“Leadership in the 21st Century: Effecting change, Shifting Culture

and Building Resiliency”

Presented by Dr. Leigh Neumayer: University of Florida Jacksonville

 In November we had

Great Debates in Surgery

"Wellness in Surgery: A PR stunt or the key to long career?"

Dr. Ami Shah vs Dr. Fred Luchette

"Is Laparoscopy Dead? What does the future of Minimally Invasive Surgery look like?"

Dr. Mario Masrur vs Dr. Ezra Teitelbaum

In February we had our second Bevan lecture of the year.

“Gender Affirmation Surgery:  Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going”

Presented by Loren S. Schechter, MD, FACS;

Director, Gender Affirmation Surgery: Rush University Medical Center

We had the Illinois Surgical Conference on April 22.

In May Dr. Nora Hansen presented her  Presidential lecture. 


We would like to thank our Exhibitors. 
We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your products.


Chicago Surgical Society

Dates 2023-2024


October 5, 2023

Bevan 2024 Lecture

  & New Member Initiation


November 9, 2023

Great Debates in Surgery

Fulton Market Kitchen


February 8, 2024

Scientific Program


April 20, 2024 

Illinois State Joint Surgical Conference



May 9, 2024 

Annual 2024 Business Meeting and Presidential Address

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